Database-Driven Website for "CSA" Farm

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Screenshot of a page on the database-driven website in question.


This is a mySQL database driven website which I created in collaboration with classmate Amelia Walsh while taking a Databases course (CS 340, Oregon State University).

This website was created for a hypothetical "Community Supported Agriculture" farm, which is a farm that regularly distributes its produce to its supporters (often on a weekly basis).

Our node.js/express.js server adds farm, produce, and customer subscription information to the mySQL database using SQL queries. Then, when requested, it can also calculate the distribution of produce based on the number of customer subscriptions, currently harvested produce, and the produce's expiration dates.

Our frontend was created using Bootstrap 4, and provides access to relevant pages for administrators and farm workers.

What I Learned

  • Defining Database Schemas
  • mySQL Database Administration
  • node.js/express.js Server Administration
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Manipulation Scripting

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