grocc App

Download on the App Store Badge Four screenshots of the grocc App, along with branding for Flutter which the app was built with, and finally the App Icon.


grocc for iPhone quickly converts meal plans into grocery lists. The app stores user-input recipe ingredient lists, and uses them to generate grocery lists. It also provides "ingredient checking" feature which allows users to check their pantry for ingredients they don't need to purchase. Optionally integrates with Todoist for sharing grocery lists with others.

What I Learned

  • Project Documentation
  • iOS App Publishing
  • Mobile App Architecture
  • Flutter Integration Testing

Tech Stack

  • Flutter
  • SQLite
  • Todoist REST API v2

Blog Post Related to Project

"Final" Project Report

This is a report on the development progress I made on grocc for iPhone while in a self-study course at Oregon State University.

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