Instructions for "Taping a Print Bed"

A screenshot highlighting the document formatting of a set of instructinos for applying painter's tape to a 3d printer's bed.


I wrote this set of instructions for a Technical Writing course (WR 327, Oregon State University).

The prompt was to carefully and succinctly communicate a task we knew well (using no more than 14 steps). I received perfect marks on this assignment.

I first submitted a project proposal to my instructor for authorization. This proposal detailed:

  • my chosen topic
  • the intended audience
  • a plan of work, including usability tests of the instructions
  • my qualifications as an authority on my chosen topic

After obtaining authorization, I wrote an initial draft of the instructions. I then performed a usability test in which I asked a peer to follow the instructions without further demonstration or direction from myself. I observed and made note of where my peer got stuck throughout the process. I then used these actionable insights to make usability improvements to the instructions prior to final submission.

To generate the images, I took photos with my phone and traced them using a drawing app on a tablet.

Once the content (images, warnings, item list, etc.) was generated, I used a document design program to layout the instructions in an intriguing and easy-to-follow way.

Please view the instructions below, or click here to download them as a printable pdf.

Materials & Equipment

What I Learned

  • Process Documentation
  • Usability Testing
  • Communicating Dangers / Limiting Liability
  • Document Layout
A set of instructions for applying 3M painter's tape to a 3D printer's bed.